Reusable water bottles offer significant environmental advantages over single-use bottles. By opting for a reusable bottle, you actively contribute to reducing waste and minimizing the negative impact on our planet. At Aquafigure, we go beyond the basic functionality of a reusable water bottle thanks to our innovative interchangeable Tags, designed to keep your bottle visually relevant and attractive for a long time.

We manufacture the Aquafigure bottle from Tritan™, since this requires less energy and causes lower carbon emissions compared to metal or glass.

The Aquafigure tags are made using 30% recycled plastic, while maintaining food contact compliance. The tags are 100% polyester, which means they can be recycled as PET at the end of their life cycle.

At Aquafigure we are continuously pursuing the most sustainable production and material alternatives. We will soon implement 50% recycled plastic material in the bottle, without compromising on quality or clarity.

aquafigure sustainability